Equal Rights

Dolls for all

The Roman poet Ovid tells the tale of Pygmalion. The sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved. The story in all its varieties is always about a man who is in love with an artificial woman. Karley Sciortino, who writes the blog "slutever", tested for Vice the world‘s first male doll. For the first time in history the roles of the story have changed. Now the woman objectifys the man. She is in charge and can live out her phantasies with an artificial man.

The dolls are extremly expensive. Sinthetics male dolls start at USD 6.100. There are three diffrent types – Akira, Gabriel and William. The dolls do not only approach women, but also gay men as target customers. The comedy-drama "Lars and The Real Girl" (2007) give deeper insight into the topic. The movie follows Lars (Ryan Gosling), a young man who develops a relationship with a real doll named Bianca. Maybe the remake will feature the real doll Gabriel?

Video: Lars and The Real Girl Trailer

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